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Our Commitment


Our INGREDIENTS!  Our Scratch Made Simple biscuits are all-natural, contain no preservatives, no trans fats, no artificial flavors, colors or dyes (even our confetti are all-natural). We carefully source our ingredients and use 100% real butter and premium ingredients (local when we can). Our old-fashioned,  base biscuit’s use less than 8 simple ingredients... just like grandma use to make.

Our TEAM! Our family-focused team all believe in the importance of Mama Biscuit’s vision and mission “quality over quantity” and “getting back to basics.” We treat each other with respect and dignity just like we do our customers. Our team is our work family and just like family we may fight a little… but it’s all in love.

Our PRODUCT! Our customers have coined us as America’s favorite biscuit and best in customer service! We stand up to that 100% satisfaction rating and we couldn’t be more proud of the products we serve. Our tag line says it all “bringing a northern flair to a southern classic” with a variety of over 50 different rotating flavors of sweet, savory, gluten-free and vegan.

Our COMMUNITY! Our voices are loud and first! We proudly serve and give back to our community. The dancing bakers believe in giving back. Our call-to-action is to make sure everyone receives a quality product whether purchased or donated. We work very closely with local agencies and donate hundreds of biscuits monthly to the Department of Aging, Frederick Rescue Mission and Community Action. We love our community of followers and our community loves us!

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