Meet Mama Biscuit®

Meet America's Top Gourmet Biscuit Maker! Mama Biscuit! 




She's an IT Project Manager by day, former National Security Background Investigator by night and gourmet biscuit maker in between aka "The Biscuit Darling!"  I am so happy to share my unique sweet, savory, gluten-free and vegan gourmet biscuits with you. 

As a former restaurateur my friends called me Ma Biscuit for years.  After years of only cooking for family and friends and with a little encouragement I decided to put my culinary skills back in motion and audition for Master Chef.  In August 2014 we began looking for a name for my social media pages and came up with the name Mama Biscuit 

September 2014 we wanted to showcase my culinary food skills at home and started a blog as well as, showcasing the meals on my social media pages We needed to do a photo shoot to really show case my culinary talents, for the photo shot it would make sense to have biscuit’s right? So I pulled out my grandmother’s cookbook and began to make what I thought was the perfect biscuit.  Well, let’s just say my friends reamed me for weeks for not making the best biscuits for a photo shoot and we were full of laughs and giggles for weeks to followDuring that time Mama Biscuit gained a really good social media following that was very supportive and cheered me along the way when I auditioned for Master Chef.  Having only making it though a few rounds the disappointment soon set in and the support and outcry from my social media followers was so great that I wanted to keep the momentum going.   

I returned from the audition and began to culminate the perfect biscuit (not to mention when I returned I was tired of my friends putting me to shame for having the name Mama Biscuit and not being able to create the perfect biscuit)!   I’m a thinker and started thinking outside the box.   So on October 8, 2014 I went back into the kitchen and began to create the best buttermilk biscuit this side heaven.  It took me days to perfect the perfect biscuit and I wanted something different other than your round biscuit, so I came up with a heart-shaped biscuit and gourmet butter pats and added the tag line “always made with love” my signature saying. The seed was planted to gourmet the biscuits, and my creations began…thus the gourmet biscuit was born! I made the first gourmet biscuit on October 15, 2014, and by October 24, 2014 I had an interest from a local grocer. 

We offer over 50 plus unique flavor combinations (on a rotational basis) of both sweet and savory line and all flavors can be made in a gluten-free version. Our retail flavors comes in ready-to-eat pans of 8 that are thaw and serve. Our small batch, hand-made artisan gourmet biscuits are unlike anything you ever ate before. They're all-natural and we only use real premium ingredients that you can recognize. Because they are so unique in flavor and taste, most people are so surprised and cannot pinpoint where they fall, as they are not a cupcake, scone, muffin, or average southern style buttermilk biscuit, but you still enjoy the consistency of a biscuit with the cake like moistness, and knock’em dead flavors. #whatsyourflavor?  

Before launching my online store I had an express interest and picked up by two national retailers (Wegmans and Whole Foods). My online store opened May 25, 2015 and the rest is history. 

For all press/media requests or EPK, please contact us at or if you would like to arrange for MAMA BISCUIT to appear personally as a celebrity guest baker please contact us at 202-350-0448.


-Mama Biscuit