Mama's Kitchen

I'm not a chef, but a former restaurateur.   I'm a cook who enjoys cooking in the comforts of my own kitchen.  I learned to cook from my Grandmothers.  My most prized possession is a binder filled with handwritten recipes passed down to me, that can be traced back as far as 1887.

My specialty? Gourmet Biscuit's and savory blends of southern comfort food with a kick of Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish). I'm a simple woman who shows love with food.  I cook for those I love and people I meet who give me that warm and fuzzy feeling you only get when you meet good people.

I don't believe that you should not only have a well presented meal in a restaurant.  We have all the things in our homes to create wonderful experiences at meal times and I say the more the merrier.  

Join me as I take my kitchen cooking to new levels of enjoyment.  I hope I get to cook for you one day.