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Mama Biscuit's is America's first gourmet biscuit baking company located in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. We pride ourselves on being a small local business to the D.C Metropolitan area, yet still accessible throughout the continental U.S (thanks to the internet).  

Our specialty? Artisan sweet, savory, gluten-free gourmet biscuits!

Mission: Our concept and core mission is built off a simple back to basic method "quality over quantity." The family focused team at Mama Biscuit’s believes in getting back to basics, by keeping it tasty without the compromise. We do this by handcrafting small batches of decadent sweet and savory biscuits, using unbleached flour, premium all-natural  ingredients and only the finest, freshest foods

We aim to create that one unique experience that takes you on a flavor journey your taste buds have never traveled before. If you love our gourmet biscuits, you'll absolutely fall in love with our gourmet butters. We hope you enjoy one of our fifty (50) plus unique gourmet biscuit flavors. #WHATSYOURFLAVOR?

Please email us at info@mamabiscuit.com for nutritional information.

* Handmade | Small Batch | No Trans Fats | All Natural | No Preservatives | No Artificial Flavorings Coloring/Dyes


Our manufacture facility follows The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA),and is inspected and audited by Eurofins for adherence to our written GMP and HACCP programs. 


America's favorite biscuits can be found at select local specialty shops, Wegmans and Whole Foods (within the DC Metropolitan area Mid-Atlantic Region), Amazon, and QVC.  Our major plans for expansion will take place in  2019 with Costco and additional line items at Walmart and we could not be more excited to bring our brand to a store near you. 


Find us at select stores (frozen isle): 


Walmart (AZ, AK, CO, ID, KY, LA, MS, MO, MI, NV, OR, TN, WY, UT)


Whole Foods (Mid-Atlantic Region)



Costco (coming soon)

Safeway (coming soon)


Don’t see your grocery store on the list? Feel free to request us! info@mamabiscuit.com


  Finally a wholesome brand you can trust™ Coming to a store near you soon!





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